Frequently asked questions

What's the turnaround time on graphic design and/or when should I start seeing results?

Turnaround time on graphic design is usually same day turnaround time but depends on my workload. You should begin seeing results with my marketing services within in the first hour after everything is set up!

Why do you need my password for social media marketing services?

In order to grow your account organically. FIRST, we need access to do so!

How many followers do you gain weekly as a client?

I myself gain 1k+ followers weekly but clients of mine gain differently you can't really predict organic growth but on average I would say 1,000+ followers weekly,

Are all the followers/fans real?

YES! We believe in being patient and building a loyal and real following then buying tons of followers who will never interact with your content or generate revenue.

How do I contact you for other services not listed?

visit the contact/inquire section and we'll be in touch :)

What is the difference between pre-made & exclusive artwork covers?

Our exclusive designs are only sold once.
Our pre-made designs are sold multiple times with different variations requested by the client.



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